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Calisse Browne, Artist

“I love working metals, stones and jewels into something unique and beautiful. It brings me joy to see someone wearing and enjoying a piece of jewelry I’ve created. I also enjoy reading about the metaphysical properties of stones. Now, instead of just carrying stones in my pocket, I can create ‘wearable art’ where the stones can be truly appreciated.”

Calisse Browne started metal smithing in 2015 by taking classes at the Denver School of Metal Arts. Shemoved on to Precious Metal Clay classes. When asked what inspires her, Calisse said, “I believe life is an adventure that you embrace and find people and activities that feed your soul and look for opportunities to leave the world in a happier place.” Prior to metal smithing, she did beading and wire wrapping.

A transplant to the Oregon Coast, Calisse grew up on a farm in Indiana and lived in Colorado for over 20 years. She also lived in South Africa for a year.  Her love of traveling has taken her to China, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia, France, Great Brittan, Scotland, Malawi, Holland, Germany, Switzerland and India.

Calisse added, “I come from a ginormous family with seven siblings and over 90 nieces/nephews and great nieces/great nephews.  I’m blessed with a wonderful husband, four children and two grandchildren.”

circle on square PMC pendant

PMC fine silver earrings by Calisse Browne

fine silver ring with stone cabochon
Steve Brown, Calisse Browne  

Steve Browne, Artist

Steve Browne brought a photographer's vision to enamel on copper when he attended a beginning enameling class with Calisse and a friend.

In a desire to expand his copper work from jewelry to artwork, he learned about flame painting on copper, in which he torch-fires copper sheets. By changing the heat of the flame, he can control the color of the copper.

Calisse shares Steve's desire to learn new techniques, so the two took a vacation in Arkansas where they learned how to fire-paint on copper together. Together, they create copper wall hangings, sculptures, sconces, and other works of fire-painted copper art.

See more of their flame-painted copper art on Metal Memories.

enamel on copper earrings

fire painting on copper